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Mentor Testimonials

Carlo Tagliabue – Robotics and Production Engineer ARTAIC – Innovative Mosaic

Hi Carole, We are glad to hear that we could help David build up experience from a young age and help him with making smart career choices for future. David has the qualities to become a great engineer one day. He’s a young man and he is very mature for his age. I imagined he was going into his senior year of high school; when he told me he had just finished freshman year I was really surprised to say the least! David is a fast learner and he’s caring about his future and career choices; I am hoping that his experiences with Artaic inspired him pursue studies in the amazing fields of science. Special thanks should go to Dr Acworth for making this internship happen. I am looking forward to staying in touch with David.
All Best, Carlo.

Melanie Berger – Founder, Mariwear

Carole- LOVE these girls! Can’t begin to tell you how wonderful they are. I had them help at an event for a few hours on Saturday so I gave them the morning off. Can you believe that when I texted them to come at 1pm instead of 10am they replied, “Great – but is there anything we can do for you in the meantime?” What 18 year old(s) do that? This has been better than I could have ever imagined – just sad that they are with me for just a summer. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Aiden – Director of Operations Massachusetts Office of Business Development

Good morning Carole, Max is doing great! He attended the EACC meeting last week where he got to see how companies are awarded state tax incentives based on their job creation commitments. The meeting was open to the public; he saw various company executives, local, and state politicians. It was a good experience for him. He is very well mannered and always eager to help. We are glad to have him for the summer. Have a happy 4th!

Parent Testimonials

Pat G

“Scott had a marvelous internship at the New York investment bank. Even as a high school student, he was treated no differently than the two college interns and had the same great experience. Thank you for making it possible.”

Deena B

“Lindsey had a wonderful experience. She learned so much about PR at Marlo Marketing but more important, she learned about herself.”

Natalie G

(We placed Natalie’s daughter on an arts internship and her son on successive summer internships. David wanted to “try-on” more than one career. The first was at a very successful startup and the second in physical therapy). “Jessica’s arts internship at an arts non-profit has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Internship Connection impressed us with a wonderful, organized approach, tailored to the specific needs of our child. The director worked closely with Jessica and our family, taking special care to ensure that the internship was a great match. She prepared and coached Jessica for her interview and provided support throughout the program. The journal was a great idea, providing just the right amount of structure and feedback. Jessica had the opportunity to work with wonderful, dedicated people, interact with artists of many genres and gain an understanding of art from a different perspective. This internship definitely broadened her understanding of the arts.

Pam V

“Making a decision about where to go and what to study in college can be very confusing for high school students. Matt has an interest in business and entrepreneurship and wanted to learn and experience what this career path would be like. The internship he had was with a start up in Cambridge created by Harvard Business School graduates. Matt was made to feel like a part of the team from the beginning. His mentor kept him updated and informed. The projects and research he worked on directly impacted the design and implementation of the business. This kind of experience could never be taught in a class. He has made lasting relationships and the knowledge he has gained is invaluable. I cannot say enough about Carole’s kind approach with Matt. She was a coach and teacher to him. She taught him how to write a resume, how to prepare for interviews and think about his talents and interests. Not only did he learn important life/work skills, he gained confidence through the experience.”

Kathy B

The internship was fantastic. Annie was thrilled with the whole experience. She learned how to negotiate the commuter rail and MBTA in Boston for her twice a week trips to work in the Financial District. She learned a lot about how the employment agency works, and in addition to filing, data entry, and helping to organize the new office, she was included in meetings and reviewing job seekers’ resumes. And I know she was meant to have one mentor at the office, but she really had three or four people who were very involved with her assignments. She got lots of great advice about what to look for in a school, and her future education and work in general. She even had a chance to meet the “big boss,” which made for a humorous story.

Annie really enjoyed the people, and I think they felt the same about her. The last day of work they took her out to lunch (she was invited every time she was at work, but usually declined the offer) and gave her gifts. She also had gifts for them to thank them for everything they had done over the course of the internship.

The long and short of it is they have called since the internship ended saying how much they miss Annie, and that they would love to have her come work for their company in the future. Pretty wonderful for a 17 year old who is still in high school.

I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in setting up such a great internship. I know Annie was very nervous with the prospect of working for a company in the financial district, but she settled in and really enjoyed her time there. I am sure it will also give her a good point of discussion in her college interviews. Thank you again. The services you provide are worth every penny.”

Jennifer L

“I am amazed at how much Halsey enjoyed his internship. He has learned so much and is fascinated about their technologies and investments. I think this internship has also opened his mind in thinking about business and how a company looks at potential opportunities. He looked forward to each day, traveling into Cambridge on the train. The whole process of commuting and working in an office was a new experience all itself. He loved the responsibility and I think he has grown so much as a result.

Student Testimonials

Neeraj – Princeton Day School, Startup Internship

“Thank you for your help and support this past summer and for the opportunity to work at Privy this past summer at Dogpatch Labs, NYC. Without your help, I would have never had the opportunity to meet the people I did and learn firsthand about the real world. This summer made me rethink my career options, and I’ve realized that I feel quite strongly about the Entrepreneurial and Startup environment. Jake gave me quite the learning experience this summer and helped me grow as a social and confident person. Please thank Ben as well for letting me work with the Privy team under his tutelage, as I will cherish the opportunity.

Congrats to the Privy Team for securing a position in “500 Startups”! It is well deserved. I look forward to working once again in a startup/entrepreneurial venture next summer and possibly pursue one of my own in the years to come. Thank you once again for your advice and guidance this past year.”

Kenta N– Phillips Academy, Startup Internship

“This past summer I participated in a Boston internship arranged by Dr. Carole Jabbawy, the Founder and Director of Internship Connection. Because I was interested in business, Carole thought it would be interesting to intern at a business incubator for start-up companies. Carole helped me through every process of acquiring this internship position. She helped me compile my resume, gave me helpful tips on interviewing, and checked in with me periodically even during the internship. Learn Launch X was a wonderful opportunity for me to get exposure to the business world that is so prevalent today.

All of the companies were under one common goal: to create innovative educational technology applications to benefit the education world. There innovative ideas ranged from online grading systems to web application that aids teachers to make lessons. They were all chosen for their exceptional potential to make education more effective, impactful, accessible and affordable. The founders work with their business mentors on company-specific issues, such as customer interaction, user interface design, and product development.

In the final month of the program, founders develop an action plan, including strategies for launching their product, expanding their company, and pitching to investors. At first I was quite nervous, since I was the only high school student who was there as an intern, but very quickly, I began to feel comfortable. The family-like bonds that I created will be a part of me for the rest of my life. The best part of my internship was being able to sit in on individual company meetings and take notes. These notes allowed me to truly experience first-hand the problems that companies face frequently and how they might solve that problem. At pitch meetings, the CEO’s fervently advertised their product by concisely stating the strong points of their product. One of the most interesting companies I interacted with was Cognii, which was a company that created a logarithm where it allows instant essay grading online. I was also able to test out their product and I noticed that this product’s ceiling was limitless, having application in many of the educational fields we see today.

The most important lesson I learned interning at Learn Launch X was motivation and passion is needed whenever you pursue something. As I interacted with many of the start up CEOs, I was fascinated by their passionate love for their company and even through adversity, they strived to overcome those obstacles to stand out as a start up company. Even if I do not end up as a start up CEO in the future, I recognized the importance of being motivated and passionate about what I do. Dr. Jabbawy is great for students of all ages to find an internship in the Boston area. She will guide you to many of the best working environments in Boston and she will challenge you to work out of your comfort zone, which allowed me to gain insight on what I might want to pursue in the future.”

Alison P – University of Maryland, STEM/Biotech Internship

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping me find the internship at Cellanyx this summer. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed working out of the MassChallenge space. I met a ton of interesting people that I hope to keep in touch with. Ashok was a great mentor and we plan to keep in touch in the future as well. I will keep you posted as my work from this summer will be up on their website shortly! Thank you again.”

Paul – Phillips Academy, Government/Law

“Last summer, I interned in Representative Markey’s office at the Massachusetts State House. My internship was arranged by Dr. Carole Jabbawy, the Director of Internship Connection. Carole helped me create a resume, prepped me for my interview and matched my interest in law to an internship with Representative Markey. In addition, she also helped me find comfortable and close housing on Beacon Hill. It was really nice of her, and because of that, I only walked five minutes to the State House! At work, I took phone calls from constituents, wrote letters, attended hearings on the laws which the legislature would be voting on, and went to seminars involving Representatives, Senators, sometimes Governors – past and present – and other influential people related to government. I also volunteered to be the student host for a seminar featuring John Regan, who is the Vice President of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM).

My part was to introduce the guest speaker by reading his biography. I enjoyed the opportunity to address the fifty interns who had gathered to listen to the speaker. Without a doubt, I felt very nervous but it was a great chance for me to not only practice my public speaking but also become better acquainted with the speaker. Getting to meet and work with these people who were very much currently involved in the political process was such an exciting task for me and much more than I hoped for as an intern. The best part of my internship was the people: my boss, my fellow intern and all the other people that I met ‘on the job’. They were all amazing, not only to work with but to “hang out” with as well. I definitely know that my experience at the State House has allowed me to form personal connections that will remain as I continue my career – my boss and I still keep touch, and he encourages me to come back to work at the State House again next summer!

During my last week, Dr. Jabbawy also arranged a visit to Goodwin Procter, a large Boston law firm where I met with a corporate attorney in the technology group who described his business practice. This was interesting as my intended career path in law matched up with the corporate attorney’s at Goodwin Procter. This was an opportunity for me to get a close-up view of the law firm (which was huge!) and some of the things that went on in the firm itself. Dr. Jabbawy is great for students who want to find any type of internship in Boston, and even if you aren’t from Boston, you can just stay over the summer (like me) to participate in an exciting internship with Internship Connection.”

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