Winter is the time to think about a Summer Internship.

November has been a very busy month in our office, with many inquiries coming from college students home for Thanksgiving. The job market is still very tight for college graduates and those students in the know realize how important it is to describe internship experiences on their resume. These days, employers expect students to have multiple internships before they graduate.

For high school students, December and January are the perfect time to meet with Internship Connection to discuss career interests. Often students are not returning to summer camp, they may have already spent a summer traveling and college applications loom ahead.

We suggest taking advantage of Winter Break to begin the process of establishing an internship. Why so soon? The process is time consuming and actually involves the same steps as looking for a job:

  1. Thinking about your innate talents and/or academic interests.
  2. Researching which career fields would be relevant.
  3. Creating and sending a business resume.
  4. Prepping for a workplace interview
  5. Contacting businesses and organizations.

Let us make the process easy for you. Over the last eight years, we have established hundreds of internships with workplace mentors who trust our program and the students we send to them.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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